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Stone Traps

Our concrete stone traps at Paeroa Precast Concrete Ltd are specifically designed to allow for more time for stones and gravel to settle, thus doing a great job in reducing wear and tear on your pumps and other machinery.
At Paeroa Precast Concrete Ltd, we have established a name for ourselves as quality precast stone trap suppliers in NZ.
Make your life easier by purchasing a stone trap from us today!

IMG 0295 - Stone Traps And Solids Bin

Our Precast Stone Traps

We understand that different clients have different needs, and that is why we offer stone traps in a variety of sizes, including:

  • One-Piece Precast Stone Trap Dimensions: 2.2m wedge x 2.6m wide x 0.7m deep
  • Three Bay Stone Trap Built to customers specifications
  • Stone Trap – Three sided precast panel stone trap placed and floor poured on-site Dimensions: 5m ramp x 2.8m wide x 1.1m deep, 5m ramp x 4 m wide x 1.1m deep, 5m ramp x 5m wide x 1.1m deep

Why Concrete Stone Traps?

You may have a wide array of stone traps available to you, so why choose concrete stone traps?

  • Concrete stone traps are easy to clean
  • They are extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Easily transportable
  • Effluent is slowed down so that pebbles and stones can easily be gathered

Our Concrete stone traps are ideal for farms, construction, transport yards and more.

P1000007 - Stone Traps And Solids Bin

Solids Bin

Solids Bin — Three sided precast panel solids bin placed and floor poured on site Dimensions: 3.4m x 3.4m, 3.4m x 2.5m