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At Paeroa Precast Products, we offer a wide variety of different precast concrete products for builders and farmers, as well as regular homeowners. While most of our concrete products fit into the various product categories that we have provided on our website, there is also a selection of other concrete products because our product offering is so diverse.

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Our Concrete Products

Some of our other concrete products include:

Concrete pipes - Other Products

Concrete Pipes

Our concrete pipes come in a wide variety of different diameters and lengths. They are ideal for a range of applications.

Concrete barriers - Other Products

Concrete Barriers

Our concrete barriers are interlocking and ideal for walls or silage bunkers

Concrete pannels - Other Products

Precast Concrete Panels

Our precast concrete panels can be made to client specifications and be used for a variety of construction projects.

LWR Recordin 1 - Other Products

Ballcock Cover

Concrete ballcock covers to offer maximum protection.

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Well Liners and Soak Rings

Protect your well or stormwater with our concrete liners

Why Concrete?

Most of the above products you could definitely buy were made of other materials besides concrete. So why buy concrete products? There are a number of reasons as to why concrete is seen as a premium material for these types of products, including the following reasons:

  • Durability- Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth, and is built to last.
  • Inherent water tightness- Things like pipes, walls and tanks all need to be watertight in order to function correctly, and concrete has inherent water tightness capabilities.
  • Affordability- Because the materials used to make concrete are quite readily available, concrete is a relatively affordable substance, and so are precast concrete products.
  • Attractiveness- When done right, concrete items can actually be quite easy on the eyes. It is a far more natural-looking material than things like plastic.
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