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Effluent Tanks

Have you been searching for a high-quality precast effluent tank? Here at Paeroa Precast Concrete Ltd, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of a variety of precast concrete tanks, including effluent tanks, which have become an increasingly popular product.

Concrete is the preferred material for effluent tanks and is durable and long-lasting. Leaks and spillages are greatly reduced by using concrete, which is an inherently water tight material.

We are based in Waikato and provide our effluent tank services to clients throughout Waikato and surrounding areas.

400 - Effluent Tanks
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Our Effluent Tanks

A quick and effective storage solution to your effluent storage requirements is our Paeroa Precast concrete Ltd panel effluent tanks. They are built with modular panels, and the tank can be 47, 70, 95, 110, 145, 190, 300 and 400 thousand litres in size. The walls are assembled on-site, and then the base is poured to complete the tank’s structure. With a sloping floor and recess to take the pump, these tanks empty completely, thus eliminating the common problem of crusting.

The precast effluent tank can be built in most positions and situations. With the increasing trend towards concrete feed pads, the precast concrete effluent tank is the complete answer to the simple and effective dairy shed waste management. The tanks are completed with a safety fence giving peace of mind and offers the complete solution for the larger dairies and environmental requirements.